Battery Ultrasonic Scanning System

Based on different types of batteries and R&D scenarios, Topsound has recently developed TOPS-RD60 battery ultrasonic scanning system. This system can easily, quickly and sensitively detect the current internal state and change process of the battery based on an independently developed high-precision hardware platform, a unique battery acoustic characteristics algorithm and multi-functional data collection/analysis software, and is suitable for studying the failure mechanisms of batteries of different systems, such as lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries and metal anode batteries, including gas production process, infiltration quality, electrolyte stability test, aging degree, edge sealing quality, and extreme working conditions.

Pouch/Prismastic/Cylindrical Battery Academic Research
100% Independent intellectual property
Demonstration video
  • Coupling medium: Silicone oil | Scanning size:150mm*150mm

  • Temperature & humidity module (optional):/

  • Maximum battery scanning thickness: 50mm

  • Charging & discharging module (optional):/

Non-destructive Real-time High sensitivity High resolution
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