R & D
Advanced Battery R&D New Dimension Non-destructive Testing
Mass Production
Safety Battery intelligent manufacturing Focusing on industry gaps and optimizing manufacturing process
Battery safety assurance Real-time monitoring
Extensive early warning
Battery secondary life assessment Accurate identification
Boosting economy and EP
More Real-time, in-situ, non-destructive characterization of internal structures
More Independent research and development, online full inspection
customized to match all kinds of production lines
More Pioneering a battery management system with integrated acoustics
More Comprehensive assessment of battery health status and safety risks
Ultrasonic technology enhances the entire lifecycle of batteries

Topsound consistently provides the new energy industry with more efficient, accurate, and secure detection and monitoring solutions. Together with its global clients, Topsound aims to accelerate and guide the high-quality and sustainable development of the new energy.

Battery Factories
Government agencies & universities
Jeff Dahn
Goodenough Inventor of the lithium battery
Nobel laureate in chemistry

"The full infiltration of electrolyte is important to the performance of lithium-ion batteries,and ultrasonic battery scanning equipment is useful for identifying this."

Jeff Dahn Tesla's Chief Battery Scientist
Academician of the Canadian Academy of Sciences

"We've used it to study electrolyte infiltration, electrolyte stability, and electrolyte loss during aging of battery... Many other experiments can be done using this excellent machine."

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